Hey! My name is Tevin Johnson-Campion and I am a sophomore at the University of Louisville. I love to read and write, but more importantly, I love my social media accounts. If I have any type of down time, you can catch me on my phone or computer probably tweeting or checking out Instagram.

Ever since I was younger, I have always loved Los Angeles and the entire Hollywood scene. Like every other kid, I had dreams of being the next big thing. I wanted to film movies, make albums, and show up all of my favorite artists. When I came back from that fantasy, I realized that I actually need talent to make it in Hollywood, so I started thinking about what the next best step would be. After all, I knew I loved writing and speaking and definitely had the personality to do things like broadcast journalism, but I wanted something more. Once I really started thinking about what I wanted to do (and believe me it took me a very very very long time), I realized that Public Relations might be the thing to do. I have always been good at giving advice, maintaining relationships, and strategically wording ideas (and lets face it, that is kind of important in PR).

Now that I have decided to be a Communications major in College,I am trying to take that next step to really establish myself in the local PR scene. The next step for me would be booking an internship and really getting a feel for what a PR consultant would do. My goals for this upcoming semester would be to really knock it out of the park with my social media class as it would ensure my success in the future. We are working with a client who is trying to really bring the Louisville food scene to life. With that being said, I really need to start thinking of some ideas to generate a social media campaign that would gain some publicity.

Post graduation, I would love to move out to LA and really start my PR career. Hopefully I would get into a really great PR firm and work closely with young Hollywood. I am very focused in the entertainment industry and I feel like I could really bring a new exciting take to the PR scene in Los Angeles.

That’s my intro for right now.

Until next time,



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