Strategic Social Media: The Selfie Release Date and so much more….

So recently, I just wrapped up a class where we were learning the benefits/advantages of strategic communication. The class I am taking now is definitely branching off of that topic, which has really got me thinking how various people use their social media accounts.

When I was in High School, my twitter and Facebook were just my thoughts. I literally just put out what I wanted because I wanted it to be shown. Now as I am learning about everything in class about how to strategically communicate, I think about when I post, how I post, and what I post about. (Going off on a tangent for a sec)–> For all of you instagrammers out there, I know that you all probably post most of your content at night. Why? Because you understand that more people are glued to their phones in the evening, rather than during the day. If you post in the morning, you tend to not get as many likes. I call this the “selfie release date method.” When you give your selfie a release time it’s because you want everyone to see it. This is a form of being strategic and effectively reaching your audience. (Back to the point)

So let me bring this full circle for you. When we post on social media, we strategically think about who we are posting to, what we are posting about, and why we are posting it. Whether it be work related or just on there to be personal, social media is THE platform for us to talk about anything we want. Rarely ever do we see someone just post something because they feel like it. There is always an underlying message that we are trying to get across and we want to reach as many people as humanly possible.

When a company is using their social media accounts to strategically communicate a point, they are researching trends, looking up media, and seeing if there are trends already out there that they can hop on to. The hashtag on Twitter has been effective enough to get companies to trend their own hashtags. One example would be Oreo during the 2013 Superbowl. Once Beyonce tore that stadium down with her touchdown performance, it caused a massive blackout. Oreo went on twitter and said “Power Out? No Problem! You can still dunk in the dark.” This was absolutely huge for them and they didn’t even need to have a commercial in the Super Bowl to get people talking about their product. Oreo is constantly finding new ways to reinvent themselves and are using their social media accounts to effectively build their brand.

In conclusion, if you are finding new ways to communicate with your audience, whether it be through capitalizing off of blackouts, or planning your selfie release date, be strategic. Not only can it be great for your business, but it creates more of a presence, and if you’re a social media junk like me, that means everything.


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