The Importance of Online Reputation

From the get go, we have always been told to watch what we post online. Most of us can recall when our parents told us “don’t talk to strangers” or “watch what you say to people on the computer.” This is obviously for a very good reason. It’s to help us not only professionally, but personally. When we make a tweet or a Facebook status, it’s on the internet forever. If you hit delete, too bad, that content is still there. Employers can still find ways to access that information of what you post.

I have made it a goal to stay out of Facebook fights or rant on Twitter. I will admit, I have had the occasional slip up (especially on Twitter), but it doesn’t mean I don’t watch what I say. I think Twitter is more of the platform to say what you are thinking, and that is definitely my weakness. I am always live tweeting TV shows or award shows and my honest opinions of what is happening. By all means, be yourself, but be sure that the content you are posting is appropriate.

It was reiterated to me in class, but people are watching what you are posting. Most professionals are looking for reasons to not hire you (sad, but true) and accessing your social media accounts could be just what they are looking for. I can also recall a certain celebrity who is known for blatantly bashing other celebrities for their mistakes (Azalea Banks, I’m looking at you). Don’t do that. Don’t become that person who is KNOWN for calling people out for no reason. Not only does that kill your credibility and reputation, but it completely makes you unapproachable. Being mean or vulgar for no reason on social media is completely unnecessary and makes it harder for people to relate to you. So keep that in mind the next time you want to talk about something on the interwebs.

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