Guest Speakers

In class last week, we had some pretty amazing Guest Speakers! Like I have said in previous posts, my social media class is getting to work with actual clients for our social media campaign. We got to meet our clients and they gave some pretty killer presentations. The client my group gets to work with is Gathan Borden who is in charge of the Convention and Visitors Bureau here in Louisville. Gathan is having us come up with a social media campaign to target millennials to show them how great of a place Louisville is for a weekend getaway. While my group is busy coming up with ideas, we are very much excited to have this opportunity to work with Gathan (who by the way, had a killer suit).

Onto another round of speakers that we had, we were very fortunate to have Dr. Freberg’s previous social media class come in to talk to us about where this social media course got them. There were four former students; Giselle, Maggie, Ben, and Samantha. All of them were incredibly funny and extremely insightful as to how we can apply the content we learn in this class to the jobs and internships that will be presented to us in the future. We spoke briefly about the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to being professional on social media (refer to my last post about how important your online reputation is). It sounds like they all have some pretty amazing jobs in the PR world and I cannot wait to see where I end up. Taking this class and then listening to their stories really made me feel like I am making the right choice in going into Public Relations. For the longest time I have always been so lost on what it is I want to do and it finally feels like I am figuring out (props to me.) I just want to thank the guest speakers for taking the time to talk to our class. I learned a lot from you all and I can’t wait to learn more.

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