My Review of the Halftime Show

First off, I got to give my honest opinion. I thought Katy Perry did a fantastic job last night. I was incredibly skeptical because in the past, her live vocals have been less than stellar, but last night home girl pulled through. I did think the performance was a bit safe, but Katy Perry isn’t exactly known to be a risk taker.

So lets start with the first part of the performance. That giant lion made my life. I loved the theatrics of the opening song. For the Super Bowl, you have to really capture the audience in the first thirty seconds and I truly think I was captured in the first five….and it’s hard to capture me like that. She sounded great and everyone was going crazy!

Moving onto to the Dark Horse/Lenny Kravitz sequence. I was obsessed with the mix they used for Dark Horse and how the entire stage was set up. I loved the whole illusion theme they used for the song (Beyoncé did the same thing for her performance), but I really liked the concept. I was also really into the dancers. Their costumes and makeup made everything look 3D, I almost felt like I was watching a scene out of Avatar. Pretty awesome, not to mention that her vocals were still solid through this song (and I have seen videos of her sing it when she was sick….rough). Then Lenny Kravitz just kind of pops out of nowhere. I think the entire living room just kind of erupted into a giant uproar. The duet was ok. I definitely thought she was trying too hard, but regardless their rendition of “I Kissed A Girl” is gonna be the GIF of the week.

Onto the Teenage Dream sequence….I was actually surprised she changed so quick. In previous interviews, she did state that this performance would be a 2 1/2 hour show in 12 1/2 minutes. She was right. BUT, those beach balls looked depressed as all get out. Tumblr was going CRAZY over that entire sequence, showing pictures of the sad looking beach ball saying things like “Free Him” (I once again lost it). Also, those sharks looked so lost. The one on the left was just doing his own thing after a while (I respect that). I love a good teenage dream throwback, so I was LIVING during this part.

Missy Elliott…..dead. I was dead. I knew she would be performing because it got leaked 24 hours before, but I didn’t know what her set would be. I was also going CRAZY during this sequence as well. Katy Perry definitely looked umm…..interesting next to Missy and her dancers, but she changed so fast again I didn’t even care. The amount of slaying Katy Perry was doing at this point was enough to win a war.  I must admit, I completely lost my cool when I heard “Lose Control.” Lost it. I took serious measures to make sure I didn’t start break dancing all over the room.

And for the last song “Firework” she couldn’t NOT perform that song. I think what made me love this performance was how full circle it was brought by the end. As Perry was being flown across the stadium, you could tell she was really taking it all in. She has worked her entire career for this opportunity and it was HER moment. No one can take that away from her.

All in all, I thought the performance was great. Great vocals, great set, great guests, and a killer stage. Can’t wait to see who performs next year.

Until next time,



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