Instagram in the Workplace

So this week in class my TA Imani did a lecture on Instagram. Instagram is a BIG DEAL among millennials. Even though majority of the users are teenage girls, Instagram is still a good a great platform for your company and brand. Personally, I do not post as much on Instagram as I do on Twitter and Facebook, but if you are looking to use Instagram for a company, then you want to post 1-2 times per day. The best time to post on instagram is around lunch time, which is usually from 12-3pm. I actually tried this out this week to see if I would garner more likes during that time period, and it is actually effective. I got more likes on my photo during lunch time than I do when I would regularly post (which is around 8-10pm). If you think Instagram is cool and want to find out more statistics, check out this article.

Also today in class, we got to talk to Chris Kerns, the author of Trendology, about social media (S/O to you Chris). He gave some interesting statistics on Instagram, one of the more interesting statistic he gave was that 11% of users who write #nofilter are actually using a filter. So for all of you liars out there, tone it down. When I post #nofilter I mean #IAMNOTUSINGAFILTER so you cheaters out there #GETRIDOFTHEFILTERS (Kim Kardashian, that means you too….i dont care how much you’re feeling your look). Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you want check out this link for 25 best celebrities to follow.

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