What is an infographic? Well I’m glad you asked, an infographic is a visualization of a story or thesis, which is used to educate and inform people about information. Infographics are basically the new pie charts. About 90% of information carried to the brain is visual. Infographics are important because it is catering to the needs of our generation. As a generation, we are focusing more on the visual aspects of life, rather than text. High quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be viewed than information written in just plain text. 40% of people respond BETTER to visuals than to text. There will always be room for infographics because when done right, they capture the audience and relay information.

Some benefits to using infographics are that they are shareable. You can make an infographic and it’s there forever. Not only can you spread it around virtually, you can also print it off and present it at meetings and other events. Infographics are used to reinvent brands because they are so visually appealing, they can hold the attention of the consumer. The more visually appealing an infographic is, the more people will be drawn to your information.

If you like the idea of infographics, I hope you check out this article to learn how to create your own. Infographics are a HUGE component of Marketing and PR and I highly encourage that you hop on the wagon and find news ways to be creative with infographics.

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