Sports and Media

I have to admit, I’m not much of a sports guy. I mean the topic just completely uninterests me and is not my thing. However, I did play sports when I was growing up and I was a great basketball player. Regardless of my feelings now, there is no denying that sports has one of the biggest markets when it comes to social media. People practically are giving their left lung just to have a 30-second commercial in the Super Bowl.

Earlier in the semester for my Social Media class, we had a couple of guest speakers come into class and discuss how big social media truly is in sports. Just getting an athlete to make a five second video on Snapchat with their signature creates so much buzz, it’s enough to get any company publicity. So many people go beyond just pushing the “like” button on social media and look to see everything from the game, to the comments, even seeing the live feed from the court. The hype behind the game is truly what makes sports and social media a great pair. Check out this awesome infographic regarding the best platforms to use when discussing sports.

I think one of the best platforms to use is Twitter when referencing sports. The great thing about Twitter is that you get to really discuss what is happening in real time. If you are a live tweeter like me, you know that you can hop on Twitter and put out several ideas and opinions without people automatically unfollowing you or unfriending you. Twitter has to be the easiest place for any sports fan to truly speak their mind in as many ideas as they want. With that being said, check out the Top 10 social media accounts all sports fans SHOULD be following. 

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