Social Media and PR

Social media and public relations seem to go hand in hand. Public Relations always seems to be developing and changing and social media is a great tool to use to predict and research future trends. As a future public relations consultant, I am constantly looking for new things to talk about and how to talk about them. The great thing that social media and public relations is that both platforms can change at any given time. They do not stay the same each day and are constantly developing. Check out this article for ways to use social media in public relations.

The direction I want to take when I become a PR professional is that I want work in the entertainment industry.While I lean more towards the music side of entertainment, I would also love to work in the film and television industry as well. Because of my fascination with Hollywood, social media is perfect. It is such a huge part of the industry because everyone is always talking about the latest album or movie that is coming out. I consider myself to be one of those people who knows almost everything about everything when it comes to music and television. It’s literally what I have been doing since I was seven years old. I have a social media presence on almost every prominent social media platform there is right now as well as constantly keeping up with them and maintaining them. While we are on this topic, here are 6 ways that social media has changed public relations.

The great thing about the current class I am taking now is that it is teaching me how to make the transition from young adult running a twitter page to a professional running a Twitter page. I have learned a lot about maintaining a good online reputation. What that means is staying out of Facebook fights and not posting inappropriate status updates. Honestly, if you wouldn’t make a status that is work appropriate, then you shouldn’t really be posting it at all. Social media and public relations really do go hand in hand because like I said before, they predict the future trends and are constantly changing. I leave you with some winning social media strategies for public relations. 

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