The Importance of Networking

So, recently I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities. The opportunities have allowed me to present myself in a more professional setting. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the opportunity to speak at Stanford in April regarding marriage equality. Well since then, many more opportunities have come my way. While I can’t talk about them just yet, I am excited to share them in the near future. All of these opportunities have happened because of how I present myself and how professional I am around potential prospects. It’s really all about selling yourself.

The importance of always presenting yourself professionally is something you are always told to do. Because I want to go into Public Relations or be a social media coordinator, I network to people who are involved in the media. Marketing yourself is one of the ways that you will not only build your network, but ensure your trust in other people. Check out these 3 Ways to Market Yourself

Lastly, when Networking, its always important to be yourself. If you are trying to market yourself and really capture people’s attention, don’t be inauthentic. People can smell fake from miles away, which is why it is always important to never act like you are something you are not. People can see right through it and chances are, they will dismiss you before you even finish the conversation. If you’re not comfortable in being youself just yet, read through this article and find some great talking points about yourself.

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