Why Social Media Campaigns Are Important

One of the best ways for a company to get exposure and to gain traction is through a really cool campaign. Over the course of this semester, our class was split into four groups and each group is actually coming up with their own social media campaigns for actual clients. While I can’t say too much about my group’s campaign just yet, I can say that we thought of many different ways this could gain traction among millennials and have a lasting effect on those that view it. To do this, we needed to get inspired and do some major research. Check out these 4 Awesome Social Media Campaigns of 2014.

To be different, you have to set yourself apart from the rest. Having a website is something that everyone has now. What sets your business and organization apart from others is how you market yourself. Having a great campaign to get your services out there can be a really great way to not only get the attention you need, but ensure longevity in your business. A great example of generating a great buzz around your business would be the Budweiser commercials. The entire commercial centers around the golden retriever puppy and a horse. Even though the commercial has nothing to do with beer, everyone knows the commercial as a Budweiser commercial. Social Media marketing is so important and that’s the reason why campaigns help the market. Here are 9 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is so Important.

Lastly, when creating a campaign, be sure to be innovative and creative. Doing a copy cat campaign of another company is not only unoriginal, but people will notice. This will end up HURTING your brand rather than helping it and you will end up having to contact your PR team to explain the mix up. So check out these 5 Clever Social Media Campaigns That Went Viral and think of your own ideas.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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