Today is the Big Day!!

So in just a few hours, I will be on my way to Stanford University to speak. I am already in California and I really love it here. The weather is nice, the food is great, and the city of San Francisco is absolutely beautiful. As I have stated before, I will be talking about marriage equality and my experience on living with gay parents. Later this month, my family and I are actually going to Washington D.C. to hear the supreme court case regarding marriage equality because we are the plaintiffs. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Eh…I’m more nervous than anything.

So today is going to be a jam packed day. We have so much going on. I am here with my dad and a couple of other family friends and we have so much going on. I am especially excited to see Stanford’s campus. Stanford is going to be cool and everything, but I am on a MISSION to find an In N’ Out Burger around here. I have been on the hunt for one since I have gotten in town and I have only spotted one. Hopefully, there will be one on campus.

Alright, I have to go get ready now.

Until next time,



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