Thanksgiving……the Holiday where we spend most of the day preparing food and then stuffing our faces without shame. This was the first year my family actually spent it at home with each other and didn’t spend it with extended family. It was quite nice, which was a surprise to me. Normally, we go to my aunt’s house and see the rest of my family. That’s our time to catch up, eat, and enjoy each other’s company.

Generally at my house, my family spends about an hour together and we somehow end up in our own corners of the house for a bit before coming back together again. Today was the complete opposite and felt effortless. My twin brother drove back home from Cincinnati and I have been staying at my parents all week, so it has just been a really great week! We finally put up our Christmas tree and I have caught the family up to speed on the Christmas music and holiday cheer that I have had since before Halloween.

On nights like these, we remember what we are thankful for. I just want to reflect on some of things I am thankful for and have been blessed with over the past year. First off, my family had an amazing year, winning our case that went to the Supreme Court awarding marriage equality to everyone in the country. This was something that was not only monumental for us as a family, but also in the name of LGBT rights and for families everywhere. So I am thankful for that experience and the other plaintiffs/lawyers in the case that made it possible.

Secondly, I have been blessed with an amazing job that I love. About this time last year, I absolutely hated where I was working (in a grocery store), doing the same old stuff every single day. Life was passing me by and I felt like I wasn’t really experiencing it anymore, just going through the motions. I was too young to be at that point in my life, so I left and never looked back. I now work at Starbucks and everyday brings a new experience, story, or event that restores my faith in humanity. On top of that, I started  an Internship that I equally love just as much as my job. I am learning a lot about the film industry and what goes into making films perform better than expected.

Lastly, I am reminded of the friendships I have made and maintained over the last year. My friends are the ones who keep me sane and keep me level headed when it all seems like too much. All of these things in my life make me incredibly grateful, and I am so glad that I am in such a position to be so blessed in my life.

So I leave you with this question tonight.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time,


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