Finals Week, Onesies, and Christmas

I sit here tonight in complete disbelief that my first semester of my Junior year has officially come to an end. Somewhere between August and now, I grew up. Completely immersed in work and school, adulthood somehow found it’s way inside of my body and took over. Things are going great! I moved back home with parents, I am somewhat more financially stable, and finals are over. I am beyond blessed to have another semester in the sack and am one step closer to graduating. Although I am celebrating tonight, I was about give up two weeks ago.

I had so much going on with wrapping up classes, beginning finals, and working two jobs that I realized there were not enough hours in a day. Thankfully, with copious amounts of coffee, a killer Spotify membership, and really great friends, I managed to get through. I have never ever been through so much stress at one time before, but I think I handled it well for it being my first time. I rewarded myself by buying this totally bomb american flag designed onesie. It came in the mail today and I am obsessed. Greatest. Thing. Ever! It’s awesome.

Now that it’s the holiday season, I have to start thinking about others. Like I said, I have been so blessed and I want to share with other people how much I appreciate them. Christmas shopping this year has been absolutely non-existent. I mean other than stress-splurging on Amazon Prime, nothing major has happened to my bank account. I’m actually pretty thankful for that and a little disappointed at the same time because that means I still have some shopping to do. I’m trying to shower my love on all my friends this year and I have yet to do anything about it. I’ve treated them all to free coffee (thanks Starbucks) and numerous laughs, but I really want to make Christmas count this year. So I am going to do what all grown folk do and just act like I’m not doing gifts this year and then BAM! they’re gonna have a cool present. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great and I’m probably gonna stress myself out about it, but what else am I supposed to do?

Until next time,




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