Absolutely Beautiful

So I sit here at 2am scrolling through my social networks and I come across a friend who I have met once. I start to read her blog and I find myself truly engaging in every single one of her posts. I am fascinated with the person she turned out to be and have so many questions and thoughts as I scroll through her blog about her life. Honestly, she may  be one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She also may truly be one of the most beautiful people I know (or have had the pleasure of knowing through social media). Not just beautiful in the physical sense, but beautiful in the mind and spirit. She wants to learn everything she can about life and feels that we would all be better people if we just tried. I find this to be so rare in people these days. You don’t find people who have the kind of faith in humanity that this person does and I admire that in more ways than she will ever know. This person takes every moment in stride and doesn’t take anything for granted. I think we should all be like that in a sense. Life is so short and full of these precious memories and if we just look beyond our iPhones and Twitter accounts, we could totally see that. I think it’s amazing how much love and light this girl has and she has only been on this earth for 20 short years. Incredible. Truly truly incredible.


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