Finals Week, Onesies, and Christmas

I sit here tonight in complete disbelief that my first semester of my Junior year has officially come to an end. Somewhere between August and now, I grew up. Completely immersed in work and school, adulthood somehow found it’s way inside of my body and took over. Things are going great! I moved back home with parents, I am somewhat more financially stable, and finals are over. … Continue reading Finals Week, Onesies, and Christmas


Thanksgiving……the Holiday where we spend most of the day preparing food and then stuffing our faces without shame. This was the first year my family actually spent it at home with each other and didn’t spend it with extended family. It was quite nice, which was a surprise to me. Normally, we go to my aunt’s house and see the rest of my family. That’s … Continue reading Thankful

Why Social Media Campaigns Are Important

One of the best ways for a company to get exposure and to gain traction is through a really cool campaign. Over the course of this semester, our class was split into four groups and each group is actually coming up with their own social media campaigns for actual clients. While I can’t say too much about my group’s campaign just yet, I can say that … Continue reading Why Social Media Campaigns Are Important