Why Social Media Campaigns Are Important

One of the best ways for a company to get exposure and to gain traction is through a really cool campaign. Over the course of this semester, our class was split into four groups and each group is actually coming up with their own social media campaigns for actual clients. While I can’t say too much about my group’s campaign just yet, I can say that … Continue reading Why Social Media Campaigns Are Important

Crisis Communication

Last week, we had a guest speaker, Melissa Agnes, Skype our class. Her view on Crisis Communication was not only insightful, but brutally honest. We often misuse the word “crisis”. So allow me to clarify, a Crisis is when a situation directly threatens the reputation of an organization for the long term. The term that we tend to confuse with “crisis” is the word “issue”. … Continue reading Crisis Communication

The Importance of Networking

So, recently I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities. The opportunities have allowed me to present myself in a more professional setting. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the opportunity to speak at Stanford in April regarding marriage equality. Well since then, many more opportunities have come my way. While I can’t talk about them just yet, I am excited to share … Continue reading The Importance of Networking